[Beauty Review] Body Shop’s Spa of the world – Japanese Camellia Cream

Usually when I head to a beauty store, I get super anxious because I know I’m gullible when it comes to buying beauty products. Though I am getting better at saying “no” now since as mentioned previously, I’m on a tight budget.

Last year I was in need of a good  body moisturising cream. I was tired of the ones you get at your local supermarket, because sometimes they either made me feeling more dry or made my bacne worse. So having looked online initially I was going to get the Shea butter body cream, I instead got the Body Shop’s Spa of the World – Japanese Camellia Cream in store.

I have this habit of initially declining a shop assistant’s offer when they ask if I need any help, and then asking them for assistance after several moments of indecisiveness. When I ask for assistance I always end up buying the store’s “hottest” products LOL. So essentially I would end up paying more for what I had planned. Most of the time I feel really ripped off, but this time it was perfect. I was looking for a body cream that wasn’t too runny in consistency or too thick in texture, that it would take ages to absorb into the skin.



  • Really nice light fragrant smell, great for those who don’t like strong scents (You won’t smell like Toilet freshener, I promise haha)
  • Produced by a reputable global brand
  • An incredible great moisturiser for the body, you’ll feel like a pampered princess ><
  • In a convenient large tub
  • Does not make skin feel greasy, leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and silky
  • Penetrates into skin fast, and feels hydrating
  • You can reuse the container e.g. bath salts etc.


  • It’s on the pricey side, in Australia it’s around $52 AUD. It’s the most I’ve spent on a body cream.
When it’s so good, there’s hardly any left 😦
Seriously haha


  • Subscribe to the Body Shops website for discounts.
  • If you want to save on costs and have this lasts longer, reduce it to once-twice a week when you feel like a pamper rather than daily.

Would I purchase it again? Yes!


C. LAB & CO Coffee Scrub Review

I got this item as a birthday gift last year, and I’ve been using this for over a few months once a week. It’s so funny since my friend saw me staring at this product at the pharmacy for some time. I didn’t end up buying due to being on a really tight budget haha. Thanks girl! 😀

For those out there who are looking for a great body scrub with added moisturising benefits – this one is for you 🙂



  • Simple attractive packaging appearance
  • Nice coffee scent
  • Uses  Arabica coffee beans + natural ingredients
  • Large tub size 330grams (lasts quite a while if you using it once a week)
  • Leaves skin feeling supple and smooth after [I don’t bother using motion or body cream after since skin is already soft)
  • Great to use prior to the beach or outdoors
  • Available online and through most pharmacies in Australia. Free shipping is available in Australia.
  • Affordable price range


  • It may be oily rather than moisturising for some people
  • Coffee scent may be strong for others

On it’s packaging it mentions that it targets cellulite, stretch marks and skin imperfections. That sounds great but to be honest I don’t think it’ll be able to completely rid of those skin imperfections particularly cellulite, in the long term. It does however give your body a nice glow and incredibly soft skin.

At first when I used the scrub I thought it was oily but once you let your skin dry, it’s oh so soft! lol. When you have those days when you think your skin is dry or you’ve noticed there’s cellulite, it’s a life saver. It won’t rid of your cellulite but it gives an impression that it does if that makes sense (like putting on makeup).  As your skin is so soft and glowy, you don’t notice your other skin imperfections.


I used a 1/4 of the scrub, still loads left ^^

In the past I used to try and make my own coffee scrub with my sister, however the time and effort put into it was a lot more inefficient that I thought. I’m glad I don’t have to waste time, energy and money when I can purchase a tub with high quality ingredients.

Will I restock? Absolutely. It’s the best scrub I’ve used thus far, and it hasn’t left me with any skin problems.

Also check out their website for more information (here),   I took a browse and saw that they have a new version with coconut in stock >< I can’t wait to try the coconut version but until then I still have loads left of the coffee scrub.


Skincare Review: Mamonde Total Solution Cream

Unfortunately I’m not a 10-step skincare user, my laziness and the fact that I’m always on a budget are the cause for that haha. However it doesn’t stop you from managing your skincare routine. One of the most important skincare routine items is the moisturiser – most moisturisers these days can be used during the day/night. When it comes to skincare items I would splurge on the moisturiser, then cleanser etc.

My favourite moisturiser at the moment is the Mamonde Total Solution Cream which I bought from W Cosmetics in Brisbane. The Mamonde brand is well known, and you will often see Korean actress Park Shin Hye endorse it.

Mamonde TSC


  • Easy to use & comes in pump-action form
  • Sweet floral scent
  • Doesn’t leave my skin burning or irritated
  • Has a level indicator to tell you how much is left
  • Moisturising enough for winter (Australian winter btw lol)
  • A great night cream
  • It pumps out a little pea size amount so it’ll last for quite some time


Mamonde TSC2


  • You’ll need to let in soak into your skin, so it can be quite sticky.
  • If you have oily skin, I wouldn’t use it during the day.
  • Not as expensive as high end brands, but still quite pricey


Mamonde TSC3
Sorry >< love the b& w effect!!


  • Use it as a night cream – my skin feels so soft in the morning.
  • 2-3 pumps should be enough to cover the face

Post-use skin care chuck outs

It’s like taking unnecessary things out of the fridge – this time it’s skincare

There are three items which I am going to have to trash today or give away to a family member. Sometimes I may be completely happy and use all my skincare products however occasionally I’ll come across some items that:

– Didn’t do what they stated they would, no particular positive changes, outdated or were beaten out by a better product.

So here we go!


Black Egg Pore Primer – Skinfood

I bought this as a primer to reduce my pores (ages ago!), and it made my skin more oily against my make up. I’m not sure they even stock this item any more, regardless I was disappointed even though it looked incredibly cute at the time.

Result: Bin it!

VC Effector 10 – It’s Skin

I heard from other customers who bought this that it worked for them, and was the best out of the other colour range – and it did work … It brightened my skin after 2 weeks of use (slightly), but gave me a grey toned face? Not sure how to describe it but I looked like I hadn’t been in the sun in years, not the healthy type of brightening haha.

I could fix it by adding good skincare items or make up but it also made my skin dry so I gave up after using 3/4 of the bottle.

Result: Bin it!

Super Agua Max Combination Watery Cream – Nature Republic

The fragrant was too strong, I used as much as I could but I’m sensitive to strong fragrances. It does hydrate your skin very well especially in winter, but aside from hydrating – it doesn’t do much.

Result: Pass on 🙂

Favourite cosmetics/skincare so far #1

Yes! back with cosmetic/skincare.

Two of my favourite items I’ve been using for quite some time are:

MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ Spray


I use the Mac spray as a primer after putting all my makeup (You can use it before make-up). I had this issue where I use to have flaky eyelids from makeup, and it use to really annoy me – mainy because it was obvious and made by makeup look cakey. This fix spray really helps to give you that dewy look which I’m really fond of at the moment. I don’t think I’ve ever been a fan of the matte look to be honest, as it always makes my face look dry (My sister is a big fan of the matte look though haha).

I think I’ve had the MAC spray for almost half a year, so it lasts quite a while if you’re not using it everyday. I’m definitely going to re-stock on it once I’ve finished the bottle, no questions asked.

  • Pros: Great for dewy look, maintains makeup, lasts long, affordable price, refreshing and has a nice scent.
  • Cons: Be careful not to get it into your eyes, it will sting lol. Unfortunately humid weather can make all your make-up effort go away 😦 so avoid if you have oily skin.

Hera UV Mist Cushion 

Hera and it's gorgeous filter :P
Hera and it’s gorgeous filter 😛

Getting the right foundation can be the most frustrating thing to do. I used to go to the nearest cosmetics store and look like a fool – on deciding which shade to use for my face. To be honest I still need help in that department but only due the change in seasons over here in Australia lol.

With the Hera UV Mist Cushion I don’t need to worry about my shade too much, I use the lighter shade (C21) during most seasons and switch to the natural shade during summer (C23). It’s one of the few foundations I’ve used that hasn’t given me the “dry eyelid” look. It’s got a light scent and is build-able in terms of coverage.

  • Pros: Light scent, compact packaging and build-able coverage. Comes with a refill cushion (some sites do not offer re-fills, so please check prior to buying online)
  • Cons: No shade for those with darker skin complexions.

Tip: Wet the cushion to get a dewy look and stop your foundation looking cakey. Also you can turn over the sponge inside the foundation, to make the most out of it.

Online Stores: G Market

Had my first shopping experience with G Market, after on the lookout for an Etude House Lipgloss for a family member. Usually I would go to ebay to buy such items, but it was slightly hard to find and I was on the lookout for other random items lol.

G Market is essentially Ebay in Korea, however they have the ability to combine all your items from different “mini shops” aka sellers into the one package or multiple ones if you’re the haul type of buyer 😛

G Market Website

I forgot to  take a picture of my package but I’ll show you the individual pictures of the items I bought for myself (others were for family, so they won’t be shown).

Two Eglips Lipsticks

Elips Lolly Flower Lipstick (in shades 16 & 17)
Elips Lolly Flower Lipstick (in shades 16 & 17)


17 Ylang Ylang Peach (Right side of hand)  & 16 Lisianthus (Left side of hand)

Shade #16 on left and #17 on right.


I’m not pale skinned, and am slightly on the warm side – so when wearing a shade like 16 Lisianthus, it looked like I put on a nude colour. So unless I put on a lighter shade of foundation then there wasn’t much of a difference. I do like no. 16 though it just wasn’t what I was expecting. Number 17 on the other hand was awesome! It’s a bright peachy pink.



Three Tony Moly – Crystal Blushers

Shades 13, 2 and 7

From left to right shades #13, #2 and #7


Shade 13 is a bright rosy colour so sometimes I need to be careful when applying it as it’s quite powerful, Shade 2 is your typical pink (though I don’t use it alot) and Shade #7 is used for contouring. I need more practise on understanding contouring lol!


Two Bbi@ Downy Cheek Cream Blush

#5 Downy Coral #4 Downy Lavender


It’s Summer in Australia, so I’m most likely going to use Coral shade. I bought Lavender on a whim mainly because the colour looked so appealing – but when you’re skin shade works against you, it sadly doesn’t work out for the best. At times I’ll have to use a  brighter foundation or wait until winter until my skin shade is lighter to use Lavender…. or smother more lavender o_O

I’m still a amateur when it comes to picking out shades!><


Overall thoughts of Gmarket 

Price: Items sold on G Market can range as there are multiple sellers, most items are generally cheap. Shipping costs are an eyesore, as they can overcharge or undercharge you depending on the weight.

My estimated package weight was around 3kg when it was 900 grams lol! So I was overcharged over $20, however that amount does go back to you (in the form of G Market’s Cash Balance) which you can only use to discount your next purchase.

Shipping: Duration depends on the sellers, in all I bought makeup items from 4/5 different sellers – it took around 10 days.


-There are coupons,  discount points, upgrading of membership whenever you buy.

-I like how you can change the currency to your home currency, it honestly saves me time 🙂

– Stacks of random stuff from Korea and majority provide worldwide shipping

– Received items within 10 days


– Difficulty in deciding which item is which as multiple items are shown on the one page (You do get used to it eventually).

–  Overcharging of Shipping costs cannot be refunded into your account

– Some items can be cheaper in your local area or in alternative online stores (Sasa, EBay etc.)

Overall  First Time Experience 3.5/5

Definitely bulk buy if you’re going to make good use of Gmarket, and beware that you will be over or under charged for shipping costs.

Hera CELL-BIO Trial Kit II Review

This is a trial kit I bought from Ebay Store Mokozzang… as I really wanted to try out Hera Skin Care products, I think it’s the first time in a long time that a celebrity endorsement (Shin Min Ah ^^)  has attracted me into buying Hera Products.


In order from appearance from left to right:  Moisturizing Water, Cell Essence, Emulsion, Biogenic Effector and Cell-Bio Cream.

Hera Aquabolic Moisturizing Water: 


– Skin feels supple and hydrated after use

– Doesn’t feel harsh on the skin

– Doesn’t leave that sticky or tight feeling like some toners


– That I have the trial version…. wants more!

I’ve actually finished the the trial bottle and am sad to see it go 😦

Hera Cell Essence – Cell Bio Fluid Sync:

– I couldn’t give this item any pros or cons yet, as I have yet to see any changes to my skin.  It’s one of those items where you’ll need to use it for a few more weeks to see results.

[Update] It does make my skin slightly brighter, I still have half the trial version left.

Hera Aquabolic Moisturizing Emulsion: 

–  Yet again another item that I have yet to finish off. What’s hard is getting it out of the bottle as it’s not in pump form – so you need to shake it out.

[Update] Will continue testing this out.

Hera White Program – Biogenic Effector: 

– I think it’s one of those items where you don’t necessarily get fast results, you’ve got to use for a few weeks to see the difference. The trial version isn’t enough to see the products full capability.

Hera CELL-BIO Cream 

– I don’t think I will buy this item from the Hera range, by the time I get to this stage of my skin care routine – it makes my face rather oily. In all I feel as though when you use all the products in one whole regime, it doesn’t work out (in my case).

What would I buy again for my skin care train?? 

Definitely Hera Aquabolic Moisturizing Water

Ebay Store: Makozzang

For the past few years I’ve spent money on a range of skincare products from my local area in pharmacies and shops, however I wanted to try premium products from Korea.

I guess if you’ve had a look around department stores single skincare items can go up to $100+ each depending on your skincare needs. Korean premium products are still quite expensive however are not exorbitant in prices.

I’ve decided to buy a few items (mostly Hera Products) from Ebay Store makozzang for myself and family requests, and I was bewildered by the amount of samples they provide + quick delivery (that is if you bulk buy). I’ll definitely do a post on some Hera products once I’ve tested them for a while, so far I’m  pretty happy 🙂

Tip: I would suggest buying over $100 for free expedited shipping  + you get alot of samples.


[Image from Makozzang Ebay Store]

Naruko Skincare Review

Bought some Naruko items on a whim when their items were on sale. On their website they have plenty of skin care ranges to meet your individual needs, and have free shipping when you spend more than $68 (In Australia, not sure how it works outside). If you take a quick browse on their website, it’s a Taiwanese Brand – and the first Brand I’ll be reviewing ^^

Reviewing three items from the Naruko Skincare Range:



Raw Job Tear’s Co2 Pore Minimizing & Brightening Cream


  • Moisturises and brightens skin as stated, without looking like a pale ghost
  • Affordable (and really cheap when on sale).
  • Contains a recyclable packaging box
  • Easy on the eye and gives enough cream to last a while


  • I couldn’t use the spoon properly and ended up losing it easily
  • Can smell a little strange ~ like a mix between foot cream & milk (I personally don’t find it smelly, but it can to others). It’s very light so don’t worry.

Would I buy this again? Of course. I don’t have too much of a pore issue but does give you a more smooth skin surface.

Narcissus DNA Repairing Night Eye Gelly


  • Absorbs into skin and moisturises the eye area
  • Nice packaged container – it looks quite pretty!


  • Leaves the corner of my eye lids slightly dry

Personally I don’t think I should have bought this product on the basis that it is for more mature skin as it is suppose to reduce fine lines.

am + pm skincare – dark circle diminishing eye complex


  • It removes the bagginess of my eyes when I wake up in the morning
  • Easy application (looks like a mini toothpaste with thin nozzle) and mess free.
  • Absorbs in delicate eye area well


  • I haven’t noticed changes to my dark circles.

Would I buy this again? Possibly. It did remove the bagginess around my eyes – which always made my eyes seem smaller. Now I look more awake! I’ve had dark circles since I was a kid and used numerous anti-dark circles creams – so to expect my dark circles to disappear is probably asking for too much?


What I do like about Naruko products is that they are affordable, fragrance free (not a fan of strong perfume smells on my skincare) and packaging boxes are environmentally friendly.

I’ll definitely will try out their Rose Hydrating products and am + pm products, if the time comes. Out of three products above, I would go with the Pore Minimising & Brightening Cream for effectiveness.