[Stationery Review] ARDIUM 2017 Flowery Weekly Journal – Blooming Camellia

Last December I was thinking of changing my planner, as I wanted a planner that was compact yet pretty in design. I decided not to go through with getting a passion planner due to the time restrictions, and the weekly times notepad as it was quite large (A4 size). Upon browsing on GMARKET I came upon an online store that sold the planner/stationery brand ARDIUM. After a search on YouTube and minutes of browsing on GMARKET, I decided their 2017 ARDIUM Flowery weekly journal was the one for me (this year haha).

[If link above doesn’t work try searching the brand Ardium on GMarket’s search bar or through the Minishop seller “frombox” on GMarket]

I’ve come across a few stationery stores that have the most beautiful covers, but when it came to content – it was like any other or it was expensive. Generally I deem a journal on the pricey side if it’s going to cost me more than $40+ (inc.shipping).


  • Each monthly section is beautifully decorated and designed
  • Unruled lines for the week, so you can write or draw leaving to your imagination
  • Clear plastic cover to protect the planner
  • Simplistic design that allows you to utilise all its pages
  • Great for students, creative planners and those who have flexibility in their schedule
  • Comes in multiple designs & patterns
  • Light weight and easily portable to carry in a bag, backpack etc.
  • Reasonable price (It was around 8-10 AUD dollars but this doesn’t include shipping so for me it cost around $30 AUD in total) You can reduce the price by using Gmarket coupons.





  • No bookmark ribbon
  • Not for those who rely on hourly times to schedule e.g. 9am meeting, 9:30 presentation*
  • Can be small for those who have large handwriting or need more space to write ideas*
  • Shipping is not included so you might have to pay domestic shipping (store to G-Market Warehouse) + International Shipping. In my case, shipping costs more than the actual item itself 😦

*ARDIUM offers a range of planners from  large sizes to professional looking models, so depending on your tastes there’s plenty to choose from.



  • There are multiple sellers that sell ARDIUM Planners make sure you look at the item weight as international shipping can increase (don’t get ripped off)
  • I purchased from “frombox” seller who has satisfactory  ratings
  • I like to use the bullet point system to get things done on the Ardium Journal, you don’t necessarily have to have grid line journal/Bullet Journal for that.
  • You can reduce the total cost by winning coupons on the GMarket Lucky draw or Coupon section, take a browse at the Gmarket store ><

Will I buy this again? Depending on next year’s design I probably would or most likely a different model under the same brand.




Un-Procrastinate This! #2

I wanted to give an update on what I’ve been using now, to get me started on being productive. Lately I honestly haven’t been using the Passion Planner as I would love to. I found it difficult to write down exactly what I was aiming to do , especially when there’s a  time constraint (6am to 10:30pm). I’m generally a late sleeper so a lot of space is not used.

I’m a great fan of the Passion Planner’s concept however became a little disappointed on the layout afterwards over time.

I came across a weekly time planner online, and it helps out a lot. At first I was online looking for the bullet journal, but found the actual journal on the pricey side and it was also sold out 😦

Revised Journal-ing Routine:


  • Use of the ” The Weekly times” Weekly Planner
  • Use the “Bullet Journal” concept on the Weekly Planner

Passion Planner

  • Keep a spreadsheet of the Passion Planner’s “Passion Plan” * Free to download
  • Keep a monthly calendar for special upcoming events.

I’m sad that I’m not using the Passion Planner as much, however the free downloads are just amazing. I wish there was some way to combine the Passion Planner & Bullet Journal together. 


Un-Procrastinate this! #1

I have a severe procrastination problem and I need to fix it.

Ha! seems very funny at first, but when it becomes the worst of you end up not achieving anything at all. I’ve kept my procrastination habits along with me after graduation and until now I’ve made the choice to change where I stand.

Today I spent a too long on trying to find the best productivity/journal writing tools when I should’ve have just used the basics that I have on me. I think I wasted a good hour or two scrolling in the internet on those:

  •  Digital writing pens Livescribe (which is out of my budget)
  • Note taking for collaborating/individual Trello (looks great, but can’t seem to start)
  • Google Calender (I already use the passion planner, no use for it yet)
  • Online Planner & Diary Day Viewer (Yep no use for it yet)

I’m still the “writing down on paper” type of person, and because of that I enjoy writing on the Passion Planner. It’s not the most absolute best one, but I’ve been using it more often than pretty much any planner out there.

What I’m starting today is:

  • Putting up note pads on my desktop (this is where I type it up manually instead). On my computer desktop (Microsoft) there is an app installed called “sticky notes”. I usually have a few of them already plastered on my desktop screen with to do lists. However I added two sections my “Daily Focus” and “Monthly Focus”.

Screen Desktop notes

  • With that I’ll have a better grasp of what I need to do and take those notes down onto my Passion Planner to put clear time frames on them.


Passion Planner 2016 Twilight Blue (Classic) Edition review

My Passion Planner arrived 2 weeks ago, and it wasn’t until this week that I decided to do a review on it. I had to wait until the new year week started, and was using last years version haha.


Note: The Passion Planner appears more blue in photos, but is more grey toned under normal lighting. 

  • Beautiful front cover design

It literally feels like the cover design is engraved on, and it’s very very pretty. Twilight Blue though is more of a greyish blue which at first I wasn’t so fond of, but the engraved design really steals the show.

  • The exterior cover is smoother compared to the original which has a more leathery feel 

In order words it feels and looks more classy 😉

  • Offers blank pages instead of lined pages (classic)

I love that they’ve gotten rid of the ruled lined pages and have included blank pages in the back for brain storming, random writing and pretty much anything you want.

  • Earlier start time on planner at 6am vs. 8am (classic) 

For those who wake up early. I’m not an early bird myself but now you have an extra 2 hours to record on your planner (Maybe I should make it a habit to wake up earlier :P)



  • Hand inspected with seal of approval 

I think  I remember due to last years fiasco with late passion planner arrivals a fraction of PPs were damaged. This year they’ve recovered from all that and have the PPs carefully inspected prior to packaging. You’ll see this symbol inside on the last page.


What I’m not fond of: 

  • The Personal to-do list/Work to-do list 

I end up using the “space of infinite possibility”  for my to-do list, mainly because I’m not a fan of having the three sections (Errands, Priority and Top priority) with ruled lines.

  • The Grid pages in the back 

I personally have no use for them haha, I prefer the blank pages which I am so incredibly happy about.

[edit: I actually love the grid pages now, it’s really good if you’re doing calculations haha]

  • Australian calender version please!! lol 


Comparison: Twilight Version 16 (left) & Original Undated version 15 (right)


[Edit: Underneath each quote of the week, there are ow challenges in the new 2016 version]

Overall thoughts: 

  • If you’re looking for a cheaper (compared to Erin Condren’s Life Planner) and more practical planner in terms of goal planning the PP is for you
  • I love the improvements as I bought the undated version which was great but I  wasted so many pages due to my procrastination and PP’s unfortunate event last year with shipping.
  • Thumbs up for not turning it into a hard cover, I really dislike planners with a hard cover.
  • I’m not bothered by the cons I mentioned above really, I can live with it lol. I’m incredibly happy that they’ve stuck with the same format, and added minor changes.


  • Buy the dated version the undated version will make you procrastinate, and for someone like me can lose track of the day 😛
  • Get the Limited Edition coloured planners while it’s out
  • Sign up to their newsletter for new updates and seasonal discounts


Passion Planner

I’ve been after a decent planner for some time, and while I may have bought those pretty planners from Kikki K, Morning Glory… those stationery shops! haha – I really spent much time writing on those planners. I tend to lose interest quite easily so even though the exterior is charming, inside is pretty much like any other affordable diary out there.

Whilst browsing outline for a good goal planning diary I came across the “Passion Planner” which pretty much ticked all my requirements. It was either between the Passion Planner vs. the Erin Condren “Life Planner”. The life planner is charming in it’s own right, however for someone like me I’ll be horribly distracted trying to “beauty up” the actual planner and not get anything done.

My first experience with Passion Planner wasn’t such a great one as I had to wait 2 months+ for it to arrive – due to delivery issues in the U.S & communication to customers was no where to be seen. However I have noticed in the past 2 weeks of customers eventually getting their planers, new options for customers who have been waiting and response from customer service team.

Three layers of packaging 🙂

I originally bought the dated planner but due to the delay I opted for the undated planner and 50% refund ^^ So for those who are buying the passion planner now will have a much better experience 🙂

IMG_20150427_164334 IMG_20150427_164253 IMG_20150427_164547

The planner itself is the printed version of what’s online at Passion Planner.


  • Lightweight cover, includes bookmark, pocket slip in the back and band.
  • Has monthly reflection and goal planning pages
  •  Straight-forward and comes in the classic or compact size and the original or undated version.
  •  For those like me who want a simple template and less colourful distractions ( I use highlighters btw and that’s about it).
  • Inexpensive (is still cheaper if you compare it with the Life Planner)


  •  Possible delay time in delivery if buying from overseas
  • Depending on your currency you could be paying higher + delivery costs


– Buy the undated version if you are hesitant on the waiting time

– Get the undated version if you are thinking of getting it within this month and onwards

– The undated version!!! haha

–  Check their Facebook page for news and reviews from customers