Music Gems – Perfect Love by S.T (365daband)

I tried to do a recap of one of the drama’s I’ve been watching (Lucky Romance) and lost the momentum to summarise a drama episode. Once I watched an episode, to flash back and re-watch scenes again, and then write was quite difficult. I think if I enjoy a drama immensely, then I would definitely do a summary of the drama as a whole instead.

For the past month I’ve gone to Vietnamese school, it’s not a Monday to Friday type of school but every Saturdays for a few hours you get to learn the language at a really cheap price. After going on a 2 weeks trip to Vietnam with friends I really enjoyed the experience there, but the frustration of not being able to speak, read or understand it fully was – a pain in the arse and quite honestly embarrassing.

I’m enjoying learning  Vietnamese  and I’m getting there. I know  when you learn a language especially when you’re an adult it’s more difficult to get the pronunciation correctly, however I just have to strive forward. Striving forward to the point where I’ve learnt too much to go back.

Okay so back on topic!

I’ve a been a fan of 365daband since their beginning, and am impressed with how much they’ve improved particularly with production. Finally there is music catered to the younger generation 🙂 One of the tracks I’m listening to is by S.T a member of 365daband, and boy is it a fresh dance track. He’s known for being the dancer in the group, so it great to see him transition into singing solo.




Music Gems: Dexter Britain – The time to run


I’m back 🙂

I came across this song via watching the “Carol” trailer some time ago, and spent hours endlessly replaying it. Sometimes… actually most of the time when I  get so immersed in a song, a mini film will play in my head, in order words I’m day dreaming.

Sometimes with my life  in general, I feel as though time is passing by too soon – people around me are changing yet I am still confined. I still haven’t found that spark that will tell me that I’m going in the right direction. How long will I need to search before it is too late? Maybe I will need to spend my whole life searching.

“I want my life to always be fulfilling, to make a difference and to be appreciated. Do I need to be grateful with what I have or do I need to change things around to make it happen?”

“I guess both”

Just a random thought I had whilst listening to a song. I think I will write up a post tomorrow on the “Passion Planner” I’ve held on for the past half year.




Music Gems: Last Dinosaurs “Apollo”

I’ve been such a fan of Last Dinosaurs that I’m going to do another MUsIc GeM!!

This song explains what I feel at the moment and it’s wonderful .. that feeling.

It’s the lyrics that really tug me and in a sense I feel like it’s directed to those who have felt lost at some point in their life, and are walking towards a new path. (Then again I think that’s just my own interpretation).  I think I remember reading somewhere that this song was inspired by “The Matrix” – and it’s accompanying scene where Neo is given a choice between the blue and red pill.

When I think back on that particular scene I know for a sure fact that during my younger years and possibly until know that I’ve been always taking the blue pill. That lingering feeling when you want to know if there’s more to life than what is now can’t be erased – so it’s up to you to decide on whether to live a life in ignorant bliss or face reality even though it’s risky.

Last Dinosaurs – Apollo Lyrics 

I don’t want to know
You’re driving me crazy
Say it again my memory’s hazy
I’m falling down the rabbit hole again, yeah
All things in time will fade away
But I by design will never stray from knowing this life is not the one for me

Oh I’m ready to be somebody else
I’ll forget how to feel the things I’ve felt

Ideas in the air
The miracle methods
I’ll never get
I’m easily tempted
I’ll follow you if you’re offering the truth, yeah
My mind is made up
I’m willing to come down and wake up
The longest I would know that this life
It’s not the one for me

Oh I’m ready to be somebody else
I’ll forget how to feel the things I’ve felt

One more time
I need to see you one more time
I’m leaving ’cause I need to know if there’s more than this, yeah

Oh I’m ready to be somebody else
I’ll forget how to feel the things I’ve felt

Music Gems: Hyukoh “Comes and Goes”

I love this song to bits, and am so happy that they’re a band that will continue to write awesome tracks. Usually I will come across an amazing song from a band, and then years go by and they disappear without a trace.

Fingers crossed Hyukoh will stay as a group XX, I haven’t been excited for a band since Last Dinosaurs 😦

If I really enjoy a track, it always is played in the car haha.

What makes it most entertaining is the music video: It’s laidback, it’s chill and so very indie and stripped off of everything you see in the wonderful generic world of Kpop.

I love mainstream Kpop, but sometimes you need a breather and really soak in chilled out music, topped off with that mesmerising husky voice.

Music Gems: Vallis Alps – Young

If I had to pick a chill out song of the year, this song would be one of the chillest songs of the year haha.

Whilst driving out in the night I turned on the radio and heard this fascinating and tranquil  song. My current playlist consists of Kpop and random catches of mainstream pop – so its good to hear a song out of the hat.

I especially adore the lyrics it’s very poetic and at the same time feels cryptic – to the point where it’s up to your own interpretation. Whenever I listen to the song I always look back on my youthful days, but also embrace the youthful days ahead of me ~ that is if I continue to hold on to Peter Pan. This song is beautiful in it’s own right, and I’m glad I’ve enjoyed this song – I hope you do too.

Music Gems: Jarryd James – Do you remember?

This song is definitely going to be a hitter, it’s just incredibly addictive and so I’d like to share it with you all 🙂 Ohhhh there’s something that makes it sooo amazing, I’m usually fond of that deep thumping beat background sound – Bass? It’s slow paced but is engaging at the same time, and that voice …sweet…. haha.

Black and White really suits this music video, and model Emily Bador is gorgeous. She reminds me alot of Japanese actress and model Rila fukushima, who you might have seen from “The Wolverine”.

Lately I’m hearing it a lot on Australian radio, so the track is definitely getting the attention it deserves. Enjoy the track guys!!

Music Gems: Winner (Mino Solo) – I’m Him Instrumental

Sorry for my slow nature in writing up posts, had an extremely bad case of  the flu (after going on a short trip) – and have been recovering from it for the past few days. So on to my new post!!

Whilst being bed stricken for the past few days, most of my time was used up taking vitamin C tablets, drinking large amounts of water, attempting to eat – and the most entertaining of all: looking up music videos on youtube. I bumped across the instrumental version of Mino’s “I’m Him”, and am incredibly addicted to it.

It’s got that bad arse feel to it – that you can do whatever you want, that pump of confidence. Fist pumps for everyone tralallalala lol!