Learning Vietnamese #1: Vietnamese Pod 101 Intro Review

[Update 26/02/17: I’m no longer a paid subscriber for Vietnamese Pod 101, though occasionally I do browse by to see if there’s any new updates]

One of the issues I found it earlier to learn Vietnamese was finding the resources to learn it. There were Vietnamese schools around my area however most were for students who was in primary or high school years.I actually attended some of the classes, but found it difficult to learn as they were already ahead of me in level so it was harder to keep up.

After some looking around I came across this language learning website called Vietnamese Pod 101 – It’s a great site to learn Vietnamese when you want to go through a learning path. There are four forms of membership: Free, Basic, Premium and Premium Plus. The higher the membership, the more incentives you get. I’ve personally gone from Free to Basic and have now just started on Premium Membership.

Vietnamese Pod Intro
Vietnamese Pod 101’s Homepage


  • You can pick which type of membership you prefer and are given enough time to figure out which one you like
  • You have the ability to cancel or upgrade anytime you want. If you’re not satisfied the 60 day trial refund applies.
  • Has quite a large database of learning materials available to you, the more you upgrade the larger the benefits
  • Regularly emails you special price deals for changing membership level
  • Audio files are clear and are downloadable for future reference
  • Easy access to a range of resources
  • Inexpensive compared to learning at language centres & Rosetta Stone software.
  • It’s great if you’re wanting to learn the Northern Accent
  • Continually updates new podcasts to learn
  • Staff regularly reply to questions in the comment section, and explain answers thoroughly.


  • A lot of great resources are available to you only if you are a Premium or Premium Plus subscriber
  • Doesn’t have a great resource on the Southern Accent
  • The conversations between the two speakers are robotic like an audio lesson (It’s great for those who want a more serious approach to learning, however you may lose enthusiasm for learning).


  • Casual conversation learning approach – will keep learners more motivated as well as well as entertained
  • Special video files on Vietnamese pronunciation and reading
  • Provide Southern accent lessons as an alternative for those wanting to learn Southern instead
  • Integrate Learning exchange with other users to practice Vietnamese
  • Provide ebook -textbooks for future learning especially in the areas of writing & reading comprehension.
  • More Badges and fun rewards for completing lessons
Vietnamese Pod 3
Note: Review and Dialogue audio files are available to Premium and Premium Plus Users

Vietnamese Pod 2



  • In order to get the best deal ( via their emails) you have to commit to paying upfront. These are 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month and 24 months.

e.g If you pick 24 months – you’ll need to pay one large sum that will last you for the 2 years. Watch out for their special deals through email subscription and you can get 20% – 50% off. I would choose the 24 months if I was fully committed to learning Vietnamese.

  • Upgrade to premium and you’ll enjoy unlocking their special features e.g. Review & dialogue audio files, review activities, flashcards etc.

I personally am on the monthly premium plan, and will definitely consider going further depending on how I go in the next month or so.

If you’re a traveller, learning either Northern or Southern doesn’t matter as much people will still be able to understand you. Although for me as a heritage learner learning the Southern is more beneficial to me, though I’m finding it fascinating understanding the northern language.


<a href=’https://www.vietnamesepod101.com/member/go.php?r=50912&amp;i=b3′><img src=’http://www.vietnamesepod101.com/static/images/vietnamesepod101/aff_banner/vietnamese-125×125.gif&#8217; border=’0′ alt=’Learn Vietnamese with VietnamesePod101.com’ /></a>



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