Learning Vietnamese with Annie Podcast Review

Over the past months since last year I mentioned that I was trying my best to learn Vietnamese, and after attempting to learn it at a local school – I still couldn’t get myself to stick with it. I also tried Vietnamese Pod, which is a really good source to learn Vietnamese however it is very limited to the Northern Accent (I’d love to learn the Northern accent in the future though). I’m no longer a premium member with Vietnamese Pod101, but once it offers more Southern Accent lessons I might try it out (and when I want to attempt the Northern Accent).

Okay, so back to the review haha.

I first came across Learning Vietnamese with Annie when I wanted to learn the alphabet. It was just a simple search, and because she was fluent in English and offered a heap of videos I became an eager student. Once I was feeling fairly confident, I went to trial the Podcast and immediately subscribed ><

One of the highlights of LVWA Podcasts is that it doesn’t feel like you’re learning off a robotic audio dialogue, and thanks to our other presenter Jack (who is not Vietnamese) – you feel at ease because he explains the structure and grammar issues really well. Both Annie and Jack work together really well, no wonder I’m still carrying on with Vietnamese.

Learn Vietnamese with Annie Official Website


  • For learners wanting to learn the Southern Accent e.g Travelling to Ho Chi Minh, Heritage Learners etc.
  • Cheap Monthly Subscription at $6.99 US dollars p/m ><
  • Contains a 3 Step Learning Stage Method: Full Lesson, Dialogue & Vocabulary Review
  • Provides a transcript for you to easily follow the lesson
  • Each of the above sections are downloadable and it’s unlimited ^^ (If you subscribe)
  • Both presenters (Annie & Jack) are entertaining, and go through the dialogue with you – line by line.
  • There are two levels Elementary & Intermediate
  • You can listen and practice at your own time
  • Each lesson varies in topic e.g. Going to the Hairdressers
  • Great for self help learners, and those tight on a budget.


  • There’s no basic level podcast – that goes through the absolute basics or grammar *However if you head to their you tube page you’ll find enough information to cover that. Link


  • I’d love to see a  workbook/ textbook being released aside from the podcasts
  • Online e-book/audio store
LVWA YouTube site


  • Go to the YouTube videos to get the basics in order and when you’re confident go through to the 1st lesson Podcast (Elementary) which is free to trial.
  • They also provide private Skype lessons – price varies on the teacher you prefer

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