C. LAB & CO Coffee Scrub Review

I got this item as a birthday gift last year, and I’ve been using this for over a few months once a week. It’s so funny since my friend saw me staring at this product at the pharmacy for some time. I didn’t end up buying due to being on a really tight budget haha. Thanks girl! 😀

For those out there who are looking for a great body scrub with added moisturising benefits – this one is for you 🙂



  • Simple attractive packaging appearance
  • Nice coffee scent
  • Uses  Arabica coffee beans + natural ingredients
  • Large tub size 330grams (lasts quite a while if you using it once a week)
  • Leaves skin feeling supple and smooth after [I don’t bother using motion or body cream after since skin is already soft)
  • Great to use prior to the beach or outdoors
  • Available online and through most pharmacies in Australia. Free shipping is available in Australia.
  • Affordable price range


  • It may be oily rather than moisturising for some people
  • Coffee scent may be strong for others

On it’s packaging it mentions that it targets cellulite, stretch marks and skin imperfections. That sounds great but to be honest I don’t think it’ll be able to completely rid of those skin imperfections particularly cellulite, in the long term. It does however give your body a nice glow and incredibly soft skin.

At first when I used the scrub I thought it was oily but once you let your skin dry, it’s oh so soft! lol. When you have those days when you think your skin is dry or you’ve noticed there’s cellulite, it’s a life saver. It won’t rid of your cellulite but it gives an impression that it does if that makes sense (like putting on makeup).  As your skin is so soft and glowy, you don’t notice your other skin imperfections.


I used a 1/4 of the scrub, still loads left ^^

In the past I used to try and make my own coffee scrub with my sister, however the time and effort put into it was a lot more inefficient that I thought. I’m glad I don’t have to waste time, energy and money when I can purchase a tub with high quality ingredients.

Will I restock? Absolutely. It’s the best scrub I’ve used thus far, and it hasn’t left me with any skin problems.

Also check out their website for more information (here),   I took a browse and saw that they have a new version with coconut in stock >< I can’t wait to try the coconut version but until then I still have loads left of the coffee scrub.



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