[Stationery Review] ARDIUM 2017 Flowery Weekly Journal – Blooming Camellia

Last December I was thinking of changing my planner, as I wanted a planner that was compact yet pretty in design. I decided not to go through with getting a passion planner due to the time restrictions, and the weekly times notepad as it was quite large (A4 size). Upon browsing on GMARKET I came upon an online store that sold the planner/stationery brand ARDIUM. After a search on YouTube and minutes of browsing on GMARKET, I decided their 2017 ARDIUM Flowery weekly journal was the one for me (this year haha).

[If link above doesn’t work try searching the brand Ardium on GMarket’s search bar or through the Minishop seller “frombox” on GMarket]

I’ve come across a few stationery stores that have the most beautiful covers, but when it came to content – it was like any other or it was expensive. Generally I deem a journal on the pricey side if it’s going to cost me more than $40+ (inc.shipping).


  • Each monthly section is beautifully decorated and designed
  • Unruled lines for the week, so you can write or draw leaving to your imagination
  • Clear plastic cover to protect the planner
  • Simplistic design that allows you to utilise all its pages
  • Great for students, creative planners and those who have flexibility in their schedule
  • Comes in multiple designs & patterns
  • Light weight and easily portable to carry in a bag, backpack etc.
  • Reasonable price (It was around 8-10 AUD dollars but this doesn’t include shipping so for me it cost around $30 AUD in total) You can reduce the price by using Gmarket coupons.





  • No bookmark ribbon
  • Not for those who rely on hourly times to schedule e.g. 9am meeting, 9:30 presentation*
  • Can be small for those who have large handwriting or need more space to write ideas*
  • Shipping is not included so you might have to pay domestic shipping (store to G-Market Warehouse) + International Shipping. In my case, shipping costs more than the actual item itself 😦

*ARDIUM offers a range of planners from  large sizes to professional looking models, so depending on your tastes there’s plenty to choose from.



  • There are multiple sellers that sell ARDIUM Planners make sure you look at the item weight as international shipping can increase (don’t get ripped off)
  • I purchased from “frombox” seller who has satisfactory  ratings
  • I like to use the bullet point system to get things done on the Ardium Journal, you don’t necessarily have to have grid line journal/Bullet Journal for that.
  • You can reduce the total cost by winning coupons on the GMarket Lucky draw or Coupon section, take a browse at the Gmarket store ><

Will I buy this again? Depending on next year’s design I probably would or most likely a different model under the same brand.




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