Drama Intro: Age of Youth


One of the drama’s I’m watching with enthusiasm is Age of Youth [Network JTBC] a Korean drama, that really encapsulates the issues young women face. In the beginning I wasn’t so interested in the drama as it promoted itself as a typical “female college drama”. It was only what I assumed, as I have watched quite a few  dramas where it fizzled out towards the end or spent too much screen time on one character whilst ignoring the rest of the cast members. In AOY all these girls live together in the one share house, owned by a very interesting and refined female elder.

Since the drama is still ongoing I’ll try my best not to reveal major spoilers, and will give a brief introduction to the characters with a little sneak peak ><.

Yoon Eun Jae played by (Park Hye Soo)

She’s the first character that gets introduced (She’s the newbie that moves in), and is extremely shy and introverted. She’s so self conscious about herself, that she tends to over analyse things. Eun Jae is a first year student and we go through her struggles in her interactions with the girls, and in general confronting people.  She brings the innocence and vulnerability within the share house group. Note: Her love story with her Psychology senior is quite cute. 

Can Eun Jae overcome her past trauma? 

Jeong Ye Eun  played by (Han Seung Yeon)

The girl that looks like she came out of a shoujo manga. Ye Eun is quite the girly type of girl in her final years of school studying nutrition. She’s overly devoted to her boyfriend and at times can be seen as quite judgemental. She also brings a sense of vulnerability to the show, in terms of her dependence on her boyfriend and self worth.

Will she continue to be with her boyfriend or not? 

Kang Yi Na played by (Ryu Hwa Young)

The girl that has the attractiveness of a model, and knows how to use it as her weapon. She’s aware that the lifestyle she is in is publicly frowned upon, but she continues to do do. She’s blunt, knows what she wants but she too has a weakness within her.

Can a leopard change their spots? 

Yoon Jin Myeong played by (Han Ye Ri)

Due to financial issues Jin Myeong has had to postpone her studies multiple times & works part-time in order to pay her family’s debt. At first glance you might see her as an emotionless person, but she is someone who truly wants to live a simple happy life. Due to her struggles she feels she is unable to do the things she’s wanted to do.

Note: I love her minor romance style with the chef at her restaurant, she truly deserved some happiness writer 😦 

Will Jin Myeong be able to live the simple life she always wanted?

Song Ji Won played by (Park Eun Bin)

She’s the talker within the share house, and can sometimes be known as the super hyperactive one. It’s quite funny with her in that her main goal is to lose her virginity. You’ll laugh along with her on her countless dates. She ultimately brings the laughs with this show, however I feel that there’s possibly of more backstory to her than meets the eye.

Is there more to Ji Won than meets the eye? Will she find her man? (haha)

Last thoughts: 

Aside from this main introduction most of these girls each have a dark secret they’re holding. I really do hope all the girls find their chance to move on from her insecurities, worries and tragic past. With four episodes left remaining I wonder how their story will unfold, it’s a bit saddening though knowing it’s a 12 episode drama…. but it’s great so no complaints there. 





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