[Beauty Review] Body Shop’s Spa of the world – Japanese Camellia Cream

Usually when I head to a beauty store, I get super anxious because I know I’m gullible when it comes to buying beauty products. Though I am getting better at saying “no” now since as mentioned previously, I’m on a tight budget.

Last year I was in need of a good  body moisturising cream. I was tired of the ones you get at your local supermarket, because sometimes they either made me feeling more dry or made my bacne worse. So having looked online initially I was going to get the Shea butter body cream, I instead got the Body Shop’s Spa of the World – Japanese Camellia Cream in store.

I have this habit of initially declining a shop assistant’s offer when they ask if I need any help, and then asking them for assistance after several moments of indecisiveness. When I ask for assistance I always end up buying the store’s “hottest” products LOL. So essentially I would end up paying more for what I had planned. Most of the time I feel really ripped off, but this time it was perfect. I was looking for a body cream that wasn’t too runny in consistency or too thick in texture, that it would take ages to absorb into the skin.



  • Really nice light fragrant smell, great for those who don’t like strong scents (You won’t smell like Toilet freshener, I promise haha)
  • Produced by a reputable global brand
  • An incredible great moisturiser for the body, you’ll feel like a pampered princess ><
  • In a convenient large tub
  • Does not make skin feel greasy, leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and silky
  • Penetrates into skin fast, and feels hydrating
  • You can reuse the container e.g. bath salts etc.


  • It’s on the pricey side, in Australia it’s around $52 AUD. It’s the most I’ve spent on a body cream.
When it’s so good, there’s hardly any left 😦
Seriously haha


  • Subscribe to the Body Shops website for discounts.
  • If you want to save on costs and have this lasts longer, reduce it to once-twice a week when you feel like a pamper rather than daily.

Would I purchase it again? Yes!


Music Gems: Dexter Britain – The time to run


I’m back 🙂

I came across this song via watching the “Carol” trailer some time ago, and spent hours endlessly replaying it. Sometimes… actually most of the time when I  get so immersed in a song, a mini film will play in my head, in order words I’m day dreaming.

Sometimes with my life  in general, I feel as though time is passing by too soon – people around me are changing yet I am still confined. I still haven’t found that spark that will tell me that I’m going in the right direction. How long will I need to search before it is too late? Maybe I will need to spend my whole life searching.

“I want my life to always be fulfilling, to make a difference and to be appreciated. Do I need to be grateful with what I have or do I need to change things around to make it happen?”

“I guess both”

Just a random thought I had whilst listening to a song. I think I will write up a post tomorrow on the “Passion Planner” I’ve held on for the past half year.




Vietnam Trip

Initially I wrote a draft post on my experiences in Vietnam, however I decided to not go through with it ~ because it was mainly a mixed experience. I travelled with family and with that in mind, you’re basically restricted to where you want to go or feel too burdened to ask relatives. I did have some enjoyable experiences, most of which were not planned haha e.g. Red Sand Dunes at Mui Ne, Aeon Shopping Mall at Tan Phu.

Occasionally I might refer to my trip to Vietnam on future posts. Next time around I shall definitely take out a decent camera overseas,  travel with friends, and not be so overly anxious like my first overseas trip. What I didn’t take into consideration was looking at tips to reduce jet lag on the way back home ~ now that was incredibly horrible.


Simple tips that helped with travel: 

– Try not to drink water or anything with ice cubes, order bottled water. This is where most people get sick from.

– When ordering noodles prior to eating use lemon or tissue to clean your chopsticks.

Seafood at Tan Phu
Seafood at Tan Phu
Seafood at Tan Phu
Seafood at Tan Phu

– If you’re residing in the city centre mosquito repellent isn’t as necessary, but anywhere further out or in the mountain area ~ you must! Bushman’s Insect repellent is awesome.

– Don’t bring any jewellery or branded items. As for money you can slip it into your pockets – I had tight fitted shorts with generally deep pockets and that worked better than carrying a handbag.

– If you’re grabbing a taxi you can bring a handbag – if you’re just going to a department store and back.

– Haggling can be scary on rare occasions they may pull your arm to draw you back in after a failed agreement. Most of the time it’s not so bad 🙂

– Bring some diarrhea or constipation tablets lol! You might not need it at all but just in case ><

– Exchange your money at the Airport. You can withdraw money using your credit card (Mastercard/Visa ) however there is a 2, 000, 000 dong limit withdrawal + fee.

Just some quick pics 😀

Somewhere along Mui Ne Beach
Somewhere along Mui Ne Beach
Vietnamese Pancakes
Vietnamese Pancakes
Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne
Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne

Hello all,

I will be inactive for the next two weeks …I’ve been inactive for some time haven’t I? :S .. as I will be on a short trip overseas. Stay tuned for more posts!

P.S: I may actually write a few posts but just a heads up ^^

Dr G Hydra Intensive Foam Cleanser

One of my pet peeves when buying skincare is getting the right cleanser, over the years I’ve been so disappointed on buying a cleanser that either left my skin feeling too dry or oily. Most of my fails were based on not knowing my skin type and the climate.

Back then I thought I had normal skin, but after getting advice and feedback my skin type is combination. During hot days it’s combination (oily t-zone dry cheeks) and cold days (dry). I also avoid products that have high alcohol content (e.g. Clinique toner :S) or have too much fragrance (not a fan of strong smells).

Recently this year I went to Wcosmetics in Brisbane and asked for a hydrating cleanser, and the lady introduced me to Korean Brand Dr G. It was around $33 dollars which is on the pricey side, however there are other cleansers which go for around $50+ … so why the heck ~ I should splurge on this.  I was fearful of it being a foam based cleansers – alot of beauty gurus tell you not to take foam based cleansers as it can dry your skin out. However the beauty advisor recommended that it would work as she used it herself! and why not, she was sweet haha.

Lol okay enough with the ramble

This is what the packaging looks like – looks pretty much straightforward and simple.

Outside packaging
Outside packaging
The cleanser bottle
The cleanser bottle
Foamy ^^
Foamy ^^


– I wish it was cheaper lol (It’s not so bad the price)

– Can’t think of another con


– Leaves skin perfectly hydrated and supple after cleansing (make sure you moisturise your skin after ^^)

– Doesn’t leave a squeaky-tight clean feeling

– No strong fragrance

– Great for people with dry, normal or sensitive skin.

Final say:

Dr G Hydra Intensive Foam Cleanser is part of my skincare regime, and I really wanted to put out a post on it as I have just finished the bottle. I have never finished a cleanser EVER so I’m really happy with it 🙂