Music Gems: Dexter Britain – The time to run


I’m back 🙂

I came across this song via watching the “Carol” trailer some time ago, and spent hours endlessly replaying it. Sometimes… actually most of the time when I  get so immersed in a song, a mini film will play in my head, in order words I’m day dreaming.

Sometimes with my life  in general, I feel as though time is passing by too soon – people around me are changing yet I am still confined. I still haven’t found that spark that will tell me that I’m going in the right direction. How long will I need to search before it is too late? Maybe I will need to spend my whole life searching.

“I want my life to always be fulfilling, to make a difference and to be appreciated. Do I need to be grateful with what I have or do I need to change things around to make it happen?”

“I guess both”

Just a random thought I had whilst listening to a song. I think I will write up a post tomorrow on the “Passion Planner” I’ve held on for the past half year.





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