Vietnam Trip

Initially I wrote a draft post on my experiences in Vietnam, however I decided to not go through with it ~ because it was mainly a mixed experience. I travelled with family and with that in mind, you’re basically restricted to where you want to go or feel too burdened to ask relatives. I did have some enjoyable experiences, most of which were not planned haha e.g. Red Sand Dunes at Mui Ne, Aeon Shopping Mall at Tan Phu.

Occasionally I might refer to my trip to Vietnam on future posts. Next time around I shall definitely take out a decent camera overseas,  travel with friends, and not be so overly anxious like my first overseas trip. What I didn’t take into consideration was looking at tips to reduce jet lag on the way back home ~ now that was incredibly horrible.


Simple tips that helped with travel: 

– Try not to drink water or anything with ice cubes, order bottled water. This is where most people get sick from.

– When ordering noodles prior to eating use lemon or tissue to clean your chopsticks.

Seafood at Tan Phu
Seafood at Tan Phu
Seafood at Tan Phu
Seafood at Tan Phu

– If you’re residing in the city centre mosquito repellent isn’t as necessary, but anywhere further out or in the mountain area ~ you must! Bushman’s Insect repellent is awesome.

– Don’t bring any jewellery or branded items. As for money you can slip it into your pockets – I had tight fitted shorts with generally deep pockets and that worked better than carrying a handbag.

– If you’re grabbing a taxi you can bring a handbag – if you’re just going to a department store and back.

– Haggling can be scary on rare occasions they may pull your arm to draw you back in after a failed agreement. Most of the time it’s not so bad 🙂

– Bring some diarrhea or constipation tablets lol! You might not need it at all but just in case ><

– Exchange your money at the Airport. You can withdraw money using your credit card (Mastercard/Visa ) however there is a 2, 000, 000 dong limit withdrawal + fee.

Just some quick pics 😀

Somewhere along Mui Ne Beach
Somewhere along Mui Ne Beach
Vietnamese Pancakes
Vietnamese Pancakes
Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne
Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne

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