[Beauty Review] Body Shop’s Spa of the world – Japanese Camellia Cream

Usually when I head to a beauty store, I get super anxious because I know I’m gullible when it comes to buying beauty products. Though I am getting better at saying “no” now since as mentioned previously, I’m on a tight budget.

Last year I was in need of a good  body moisturising cream. I was tired of the ones you get at your local supermarket, because sometimes they either made me feeling more dry or made my bacne worse. So having looked online initially I was going to get the Shea butter body cream, I instead got the Body Shop’s Spa of the World – Japanese Camellia Cream in store.

I have this habit of initially declining a shop assistant’s offer when they ask if I need any help, and then asking them for assistance after several moments of indecisiveness. When I ask for assistance I always end up buying the store’s “hottest” products LOL. So essentially I would end up paying more for what I had planned. Most of the time I feel really ripped off, but this time it was perfect. I was looking for a body cream that wasn’t too runny in consistency or too thick in texture, that it would take ages to absorb into the skin.



  • Really nice light fragrant smell, great for those who don’t like strong scents (You won’t smell like Toilet freshener, I promise haha)
  • Produced by a reputable global brand
  • An incredible great moisturiser for the body, you’ll feel like a pampered princess ><
  • In a convenient large tub
  • Does not make skin feel greasy, leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and silky
  • Penetrates into skin fast, and feels hydrating
  • You can reuse the container e.g. bath salts etc.


  • It’s on the pricey side, in Australia it’s around $52 AUD. It’s the most I’ve spent on a body cream.
When it’s so good, there’s hardly any left 😦
Seriously haha


  • Subscribe to the Body Shops website for discounts.
  • If you want to save on costs and have this lasts longer, reduce it to once-twice a week when you feel like a pamper rather than daily.

Would I purchase it again? Yes!


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