Un-Procrastinate this! #1

I have a severe procrastination problem and I need to fix it.

Ha! seems very funny at first, but when it becomes the worst of you end up not achieving anything at all. I’ve kept my procrastination habits along with me after graduation and until now I’ve made the choice to change where I stand.

Today I spent a too long on trying to find the best productivity/journal writing tools when I should’ve have just used the basics that I have on me. I think I wasted a good hour or two scrolling in the internet on those:

  •  Digital writing pens Livescribe (which is out of my budget)
  • Note taking for collaborating/individual Trello (looks great, but can’t seem to start)
  • Google Calender (I already use the passion planner, no use for it yet)
  • Online Planner & Diary Day Viewer (Yep no use for it yet)

I’m still the “writing down on paper” type of person, and because of that I enjoy writing on the Passion Planner. It’s not the most absolute best one, but I’ve been using it more often than pretty much any planner out there.

What I’m starting today is:

  • Putting up note pads on my desktop (this is where I type it up manually instead). On my computer desktop (Microsoft) there is an app installed called “sticky notes”. I usually have a few of them already plastered on my desktop screen with to do lists. However I added two sections my “Daily Focus” and “Monthly Focus”.

Screen Desktop notes

  • With that I’ll have a better grasp of what I need to do and take those notes down onto my Passion Planner to put clear time frames on them.



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