Un-Procrastinate This! #2

I wanted to give an update on what I’ve been using now, to get me started on being productive. Lately I honestly haven’t been using the Passion Planner as I would love to. I found it difficult to write down exactly what I was aiming to do , especially when there’s a  time constraint (6am to 10:30pm). I’m generally a late sleeper so a lot of space is not used.

I’m a great fan of the Passion Planner’s concept however became a little disappointed on the layout afterwards over time.

I came across a weekly time planner online, and it helps out a lot. At first I was online looking for the bullet journal, but found the actual journal on the pricey side and it was also sold out 😦

Revised Journal-ing Routine:


  • Use of the ” The Weekly times” Weekly Planner
  • Use the “Bullet Journal” concept on the Weekly Planner

Passion Planner

  • Keep a spreadsheet of the Passion Planner’s “Passion Plan” * Free to download
  • Keep a monthly calendar for special upcoming events.

I’m sad that I’m not using the Passion Planner as much, however the free downloads are just amazing. I wish there was some way to combine the Passion Planner & Bullet Journal together. 



3 thoughts on “Un-Procrastinate This! #2

  1. You can use any notebook with the bullet journal! I’m a procrastinator myself and I think the flexibility of working with blank pages and the effort exerted into filling it up motivates me to get things done. 🙂


    1. Right on, I get rather sidetracked if there’s pre-filled times/sections it’s way too constricting. Then that perfectionist part of you gets a little sad from not accomplishing things on time, and the procrastinator within you strikes back haha.


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