Passion Planner 2016 Twilight Blue (Classic) Edition review

My Passion Planner arrived 2 weeks ago, and it wasn’t until this week that I decided to do a review on it. I had to wait until the new year week started, and was using last years version haha.


Note: The Passion Planner appears more blue in photos, but is more grey toned under normal lighting. 

  • Beautiful front cover design

It literally feels like the cover design is engraved on, and it’s very very pretty. Twilight Blue though is more of a greyish blue which at first I wasn’t so fond of, but the engraved design really steals the show.

  • The exterior cover is smoother compared to the original which has a more leathery feel 

In order words it feels and looks more classy 😉

  • Offers blank pages instead of lined pages (classic)

I love that they’ve gotten rid of the ruled lined pages and have included blank pages in the back for brain storming, random writing and pretty much anything you want.

  • Earlier start time on planner at 6am vs. 8am (classic) 

For those who wake up early. I’m not an early bird myself but now you have an extra 2 hours to record on your planner (Maybe I should make it a habit to wake up earlier :P)



  • Hand inspected with seal of approval 

I think  I remember due to last years fiasco with late passion planner arrivals a fraction of PPs were damaged. This year they’ve recovered from all that and have the PPs carefully inspected prior to packaging. You’ll see this symbol inside on the last page.


What I’m not fond of: 

  • The Personal to-do list/Work to-do list 

I end up using the “space of infinite possibility”  for my to-do list, mainly because I’m not a fan of having the three sections (Errands, Priority and Top priority) with ruled lines.

  • The Grid pages in the back 

I personally have no use for them haha, I prefer the blank pages which I am so incredibly happy about.

[edit: I actually love the grid pages now, it’s really good if you’re doing calculations haha]

  • Australian calender version please!! lol 


Comparison: Twilight Version 16 (left) & Original Undated version 15 (right)


[Edit: Underneath each quote of the week, there are ow challenges in the new 2016 version]

Overall thoughts: 

  • If you’re looking for a cheaper (compared to Erin Condren’s Life Planner) and more practical planner in terms of goal planning the PP is for you
  • I love the improvements as I bought the undated version which was great but I  wasted so many pages due to my procrastination and PP’s unfortunate event last year with shipping.
  • Thumbs up for not turning it into a hard cover, I really dislike planners with a hard cover.
  • I’m not bothered by the cons I mentioned above really, I can live with it lol. I’m incredibly happy that they’ve stuck with the same format, and added minor changes.


  • Buy the dated version the undated version will make you procrastinate, and for someone like me can lose track of the day 😛
  • Get the Limited Edition coloured planners while it’s out
  • Sign up to their newsletter for new updates and seasonal discounts


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