Music Gems – Perfect Love by S.T (365daband)

I tried to do a recap of one of the drama’s I’ve been watching (Lucky Romance) and lost the momentum to summarise a drama episode. Once I watched an episode, to flash back and re-watch scenes again, and then write was quite difficult. I think if I enjoy a drama immensely, then I would definitely do a summary of the drama as a whole instead.

For the past month I’ve gone to Vietnamese school, it’s not a Monday to Friday type of school but every Saturdays for a few hours you get to learn the language at a really cheap price. After going on a 2 weeks trip to Vietnam with friends I really enjoyed the experience there, but the frustration of not being able to speak, read or understand it fully was – a pain in the arse and quite honestly embarrassing.

I’m enjoying learning  Vietnamese  and I’m getting there. I know  when you learn a language especially when you’re an adult it’s more difficult to get the pronunciation correctly, however I just have to strive forward. Striving forward to the point where I’ve learnt too much to go back.

Okay so back on topic!

I’ve a been a fan of 365daband since their beginning, and am impressed with how much they’ve improved particularly with production. Finally there is music catered to the younger generation 🙂 One of the tracks I’m listening to is by S.T a member of 365daband, and boy is it a fresh dance track. He’s known for being the dancer in the group, so it great to see him transition into singing solo.




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