Passion Planner

I’ve been after a decent planner for some time, and while I may have bought those pretty planners from Kikki K, Morning Glory… those stationery shops! haha – I really spent much time writing on those planners. I tend to lose interest quite easily so even though the exterior is charming, inside is pretty much like any other affordable diary out there.

Whilst browsing outline for a good goal planning diary I came across the “Passion Planner” which pretty much ticked all my requirements. It was either between the Passion Planner vs. the Erin Condren “Life Planner”. The life planner is charming in it’s own right, however for someone like me I’ll be horribly distracted trying to “beauty up” the actual planner and not get anything done.

My first experience with Passion Planner wasn’t such a great one as I had to wait 2 months+ for it to arrive – due to delivery issues in the U.S & communication to customers was no where to be seen. However I have noticed in the past 2 weeks of customers eventually getting their planers, new options for customers who have been waiting and response from customer service team.

Three layers of packaging 🙂

I originally bought the dated planner but due to the delay I opted for the undated planner and 50% refund ^^ So for those who are buying the passion planner now will have a much better experience 🙂

IMG_20150427_164334 IMG_20150427_164253 IMG_20150427_164547

The planner itself is the printed version of what’s online at Passion Planner.


  • Lightweight cover, includes bookmark, pocket slip in the back and band.
  • Has monthly reflection and goal planning pages
  •  Straight-forward and comes in the classic or compact size and the original or undated version.
  •  For those like me who want a simple template and less colourful distractions ( I use highlighters btw and that’s about it).
  • Inexpensive (is still cheaper if you compare it with the Life Planner)


  •  Possible delay time in delivery if buying from overseas
  • Depending on your currency you could be paying higher + delivery costs


– Buy the undated version if you are hesitant on the waiting time

– Get the undated version if you are thinking of getting it within this month and onwards

– The undated version!!! haha

–  Check their Facebook page for news and reviews from customers


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