Naruko Skincare Review

Bought some Naruko items on a whim when their items were on sale. On their website they have plenty of skin care ranges to meet your individual needs, and have free shipping when you spend more than $68 (In Australia, not sure how it works outside). If you take a quick browse on their website, it’s a Taiwanese Brand – and the first Brand I’ll be reviewing ^^

Reviewing three items from the Naruko Skincare Range:



Raw Job Tear’s Co2 Pore Minimizing & Brightening Cream


  • Moisturises and brightens skin as stated, without looking like a pale ghost
  • Affordable (and really cheap when on sale).
  • Contains a recyclable packaging box
  • Easy on the eye and gives enough cream to last a while


  • I couldn’t use the spoon properly and ended up losing it easily
  • Can smell a little strange ~ like a mix between foot cream & milk (I personally don’t find it smelly, but it can to others). It’s very light so don’t worry.

Would I buy this again? Of course. I don’t have too much of a pore issue but does give you a more smooth skin surface.

Narcissus DNA Repairing Night Eye Gelly


  • Absorbs into skin and moisturises the eye area
  • Nice packaged container – it looks quite pretty!


  • Leaves the corner of my eye lids slightly dry

Personally I don’t think I should have bought this product on the basis that it is for more mature skin as it is suppose to reduce fine lines.

am + pm skincare – dark circle diminishing eye complex


  • It removes the bagginess of my eyes when I wake up in the morning
  • Easy application (looks like a mini toothpaste with thin nozzle) and mess free.
  • Absorbs in delicate eye area well


  • I haven’t noticed changes to my dark circles.

Would I buy this again? Possibly. It did remove the bagginess around my eyes – which always made my eyes seem smaller. Now I look more awake! I’ve had dark circles since I was a kid and used numerous anti-dark circles creams – so to expect my dark circles to disappear is probably asking for too much?


What I do like about Naruko products is that they are affordable, fragrance free (not a fan of strong perfume smells on my skincare) and packaging boxes are environmentally friendly.

I’ll definitely will try out their Rose Hydrating products and am + pm products, if the time comes. Out of three products above, I would go with the Pore Minimising & Brightening Cream for effectiveness.


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