Online Stores: G Market

Had my first shopping experience with G Market, after on the lookout for an Etude House Lipgloss for a family member. Usually I would go to ebay to buy such items, but it was slightly hard to find and I was on the lookout for other random items lol.

G Market is essentially Ebay in Korea, however they have the ability to combine all your items from different “mini shops” aka sellers into the one package or multiple ones if you’re the haul type of buyer 😛

G Market Website

I forgot to  take a picture of my package but I’ll show you the individual pictures of the items I bought for myself (others were for family, so they won’t be shown).

Two Eglips Lipsticks

Elips Lolly Flower Lipstick (in shades 16 & 17)
Elips Lolly Flower Lipstick (in shades 16 & 17)


17 Ylang Ylang Peach (Right side of hand)  & 16 Lisianthus (Left side of hand)

Shade #16 on left and #17 on right.


I’m not pale skinned, and am slightly on the warm side – so when wearing a shade like 16 Lisianthus, it looked like I put on a nude colour. So unless I put on a lighter shade of foundation then there wasn’t much of a difference. I do like no. 16 though it just wasn’t what I was expecting. Number 17 on the other hand was awesome! It’s a bright peachy pink.


Three Tony Moly – Crystal Blushers

Shades 13, 2 and 7

From left to right shades #13, #2 and #7


Shade 13 is a bright rosy colour so sometimes I need to be careful when applying it as it’s quite powerful, Shade 2 is your typical pink (though I don’t use it alot) and Shade #7 is used for contouring. I need more practise on understanding contouring lol!

Two Bbi@ Downy Cheek Cream Blush

#5 Downy Coral #4 Downy Lavender


It’s Summer in Australia, so I’m most likely going to use Coral shade. I bought Lavender on a whim mainly because the colour looked so appealing – but when you’re skin shade works against you, it sadly doesn’t work out for the best. At times I’ll have to use a  brighter foundation or wait until winter until my skin shade is lighter to use Lavender…. or smother more lavender o_O

I’m still a amateur when it comes to picking out shades!><

Overall thoughts of Gmarket 

Price: Items sold on G Market can range as there are multiple sellers, most items are generally cheap. Shipping costs are an eyesore, as they can overcharge or undercharge you depending on the weight.

My estimated package weight was around 3kg when it was 900 grams lol! So I was overcharged over $20, however that amount does go back to you (in the form of G Market’s Cash Balance) which you can only use to discount your next purchase.

Shipping: Duration depends on the sellers, in all I bought makeup items from 4/5 different sellers – it took around 10 days.


-There are coupons,  discount points, upgrading of membership whenever you buy.

-I like how you can change the currency to your home currency, it honestly saves me time 🙂

– Stacks of random stuff from Korea and majority provide worldwide shipping

– Received items within 10 days


– Difficulty in deciding which item is which as multiple items are shown on the one page (You do get used to it eventually).

–  Overcharging of Shipping costs cannot be refunded into your account

– Some items can be cheaper in your local area or in alternative online stores (Sasa, EBay etc.)

Overall  First Time Experience 3.5/5

Definitely bulk buy if you’re going to make good use of Gmarket, and beware that you will be over or under charged for shipping costs.


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