Post-use skin care chuck outs

It’s like taking unnecessary things out of the fridge – this time it’s skincare

There are three items which I am going to have to trash today or give away to a family member. Sometimes I may be completely happy and use all my skincare products however occasionally I’ll come across some items that:

– Didn’t do what they stated they would, no particular positive changes, outdated or were beaten out by a better product.

So here we go!


Black Egg Pore Primer – Skinfood

I bought this as a primer to reduce my pores (ages ago!), and it made my skin more oily against my make up. I’m not sure they even stock this item any more, regardless I was disappointed even though it looked incredibly cute at the time.

Result: Bin it!

VC Effector 10 – It’s Skin

I heard from other customers who bought this that it worked for them, and was the best out of the other colour range – and it did work … It brightened my skin after 2 weeks of use (slightly), but gave me a grey toned face? Not sure how to describe it but I looked like I hadn’t been in the sun in years, not the healthy type of brightening haha.

I could fix it by adding good skincare items or make up but it also made my skin dry so I gave up after using 3/4 of the bottle.

Result: Bin it!

Super Agua Max Combination Watery Cream – Nature Republic

The fragrant was too strong, I used as much as I could but I’m sensitive to strong fragrances. It does hydrate your skin very well especially in winter, but aside from hydrating – it doesn’t do much.

Result: Pass on 🙂


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