Learning Vietnamese…yes it’s not too late

Learning a language hasn’t been easy for me.

I remember learning Italian back in primary only to forget absolutely everything I’ve learnt, that also includes German and Chinese in high school. I also attempted to learn Japanese in my first year of University and that didn’t last either haha.

All those chances to learn a language, yet I just couldn’t remember. Why?  It was due to my motivation in learning those languages. It was from the shallow opinion that it will improve my resume or that it was cool…. or that i was forced to do it as part of the school curriculum.

One of the biggest motivations for learning Vietnamese as I previously mentioned before is being able to talk to my parents, especially my mother (who doesn’t know much  English). Having found out some time ago that my Grandmother passed away, I’ve realised how much time is precious. When I mean that time is precious, I remember making so many promises with my grandmother only to leave them unfinished. I thought she was going to live much longer, but she passed away just like that.  So, with all the time I have left I’d like to use it to become closer and understand my mother before it’s too late.

Going back to topic, holding a large special motivation is key to be able to keep going through with a language without dropping out.

Motivations for learning Vietnamese:

  • Being able to communicate with my parents (not just the small talk)
  • Accepting and taking interest in my cultural background
  • To travel to Vietnam again but this time being able to talk with the locals
  • The ability to understand Vietnamese music and films

I’m also very interested in learning the Korean Language, however I’m the type of person that finds it best to learn things one at a time. In my next blog post I’ll show you the resources I’ve been using whilst learning a language 🙂